The basic aim of Al Ehsaan TV is to propagate the true teachings of Islam without any sectarianism and prepare scholars who can face the challenges of the modern world. We are offereing following courses by the highy reputed religious scholars:

==Quran Recitation and interpretation

==Quran and Quran Sciences

==Hadith and Hadith Sciences

==Seerat un Nabi (Peace be upon Him)

==Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

==History and Literature

All these subjects will be taught in Urdu, English and Arabic language by the well-known scholars.

Al Ehsaan TV has also introduced a new innovative technique that has opened the way to learn the Holy Quran quickly. This channel is launched for those who are eager to learn the holy book of Allah Almighty. Our proficient and experienced online tutors are 24/7 available to help you in this regard.

The following programs/courses will also be launched soon:

==Tafseer e Quran for Kids

==Tafseer e Quran for Professionals

==Short Islamic Courses for Professionals

==Islamic System of Morality

==Modern World Challenges and Islam

==Clash of Civilizations and our Responsibilities as a Muslim